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The Frank Shoulder Bag in Black from Porter

The main material, horse leather, is a leather called "shitaji" that has only been toned. Raw hides collected in various parts of Europe are finished by tanners who specialize in horse leather, which is rare in Japan. The oil that is normally used for finishing is put together during dyeing and allowed to permeate the leather in the drum. By applying friction processing to the surface of the leather made in this way, a smooth and very soft texture is created. This leather is attractive for its extremely natural state, which cannot be experienced with surface-treated leather such as embossing or pigments. The subtle unevenness of the color makes the expression richer, and even if it looks the same, each one is different.

In order to make the most of the lightness and softness of the horsehide, there are few metal fittings and a soft core material is selected to make it lightweight. The interior fabric is made of soft cotton satin that is comfortable to the touch. The interior is made simple, and by attaching a pouch to all types, you can use it like a pocket that can be removed. The PORTER logo on the surface is stamped after attaching a core material to the back of the leather, and the core material hardens with heat, giving it a clearer finish that is hard to erase.

The horse leather used in this series has not been surface-treated so as not to impair its texture. In addition, horses have short hair and are susceptible to external factors, so scratches made during breeding, traces of blood vessels and wrinkles that originally have appear on the surface of the leather. However, this is the original leather-likeness and individuality, and we dare to include it in the product. Please use it after understanding that it is different from the quality standards of other Yoshida Co., Ltd.