A City On Fire
A City On Fire
A City On Fire

A City On Fire

by: Imaginary Authors

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A City on Fire from Imaginary Authors.

A brilliantly dark graphic novel, A City On Fire, is the story of two match-makers. Rupert literally fabricates matches in a factory on the waterfront while Frances writes a dating column for the city’s newspaper. Both are recluses who haunt the night’s shadows observing clandestine activities from afar but never partaking. That changes one fortuitous evening when they are both witness to the same high-profile murder and are forced to come together as an unlikely vigilante pair in order to save their own names.

When To Wear
The refined smoke accord makes this an austere and luxurious scent for evenings on the town, whether with a special someone or alone and looking for trouble.

Cade Oil
Dark Berries
Burnt Match
A City On Fire is the first official collaboration from Machus and perfume house Imaginary Authors.
Rich and smokey with hints of raspberry, this sophisticated scent is a perfect masculine winter perfume.
Made in Portland, OR.
18% essential oil concentration.
Pressed cap atomizer and glass bottle.
Size: 50ml or 14ml Traveler
Both come in custom boxes.

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