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The Classic 2 MAN Eau De Toilette from Comme des Garçons



2 MAN Fragrance Notes

incense, white smoke, saffron flowers, nutmeg, vetiver roots, mahogany, leather

CdG 2 MAN is a revision of the original 2 (in the silver bottle), taking it in a more woody/incense direction and creating a whole new animal.
Smoldering at first, 2 MAN roars out of the gate, declaring its boldness and contempt for simpering little focus-group scents that are a mishmash of "manly" notes.
2 MAN's simmering and incensey opening unfolds into an unusual combination of nutmeg, vetiver and subtle saffron flowers, each one appearing like chapters in a book. As the pages turn and it evolves on the skin, a subdued mahogany and leather bring up the rear. Daring but not brash or loud; complex yet never persnickety.
It's a sure-bet for a modern classic.

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