Jesse Reno and I became acquainted after I saw his massive mural on the outside of a Portland boutique called N.A.C in the early 2000's. I was immediately drawn to his raw, gritty and passionate style of art. We worked together after that for many shows and murals at my first store Local35. Seeing his art evolve over the past two decades is nothing short of inspiring and having him back showing with me at the new store location is an honor.  
- Justin Machus

About The Art On Display

Title: Protecting Horses

Giant holding horse - real vibes - When a month of work and thought finish in an instant - Magic - There is more then the rules of kings-Golden fields - Glowing warmth - Sit and feel

48" x 48" on wood
acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, silkscreen made from original drawings

About The Artist
Jesse Reno lives and works in a converted church in Portland, Oregon where he usually has a dozen paintings in progress at any one time. He creates his work on canvas and wooden panels, using acrylic paints, oil pastels, colored pencils, and screen printing.

Painting becomes art when The unexpected happens. Something you could not have imagined on your own happens. Two unrelated ideas become connected or an idea is fractured and triggers a completely new idea. This is my process. Allowing ideas to pour out automatically or simply following what comes without question. Until a meaning arises or a response resonates. Letting feeling and response edit and create collisions of ideas. Letting meaning arrive natural from the push and pull of elements. Finding connection sometime after the point of being lost. Through this process the paintings live and create there own dialogue. Truth to be found.

You will know who you are when you are free.

Ambition can overcome direction. This can lead you to your true purpose. When we believe in letting our feelings decide what paths to take to move us forward. Magic is about choosing what full fills us. Choosing positive connection and letting that guide our engagements. Letting desire decide what we should do with our lives. There are games outside of the rules.

Understanding the real goal is key. What are you really looking for. Freedom to become yourself is where the real magic lies. This rarely happens by following the paths of others. It happens by believing in something more. Choosing what makes you feel good. Those feelings are inspiration and motivation. They can lead you beyond basic existence.

This is why I make the work I make. This is what has brought me to this position. I've been a full time artist for almost 20 years. I've made all my own choices and guided my career by these principles.
I've created over 4000 paintings, I've sold 90% of what I have created, I've shown in over 100 galleries, and I've been teaching my creative techniques and philosophies for 15 years.

Magic is real.

IG @jessereno 

Videos Of The Process

Timelapse of a 4x8ft Painting


Jesse Reno Mini Documentary

Live Painting at the Unveiling of TikTok in Hollywood, CA.


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