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New Brand Alert: UPXUNDR

May 27 2015, 0 Comments

Pronounced "up and under", UPXUNDR really took us by surprise when we stumbled upon their look book on the web a few weeks back. I remember the thrill of sitting in our local coffee spot (we love them by the way, Cup & Bar is awesome) fumbling around on the world wide web, and arriving at UPXUNDR's website. Much to my delight, these guys have an amazing ascetic, and a real eye for fits.

Their new collection contains a stretch denim cargo pant (black and olive), a flannel, and a hoodie. Ever piece looks and fits amazingly. I pulled a pair of the olive cargo pants out of the box and put them directly on my body even - the fit is buttery smooth. 

We pulled a couple images from their look book so you could see why we fell in love with these guys, check it out bellow and shop the collection here.

Also read more about UPXUNDR on Hypebeast and Four Pins

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The return of Premium Co.

May 18 2015, 0 Comments

The long dark winter that was the gap between manufacturing for Premium Co has come to an end. Fresh out of Fit and Supply in LA, we just received a brand new drop of Premium Co's best product yet. 

The scoop tee's come in 4 colors, and we ended up getting 3 different colorways in the full-zip hoodie. These hoodies are nothing like the previous run, in the best way possible. The inside lining is the same french terry coziness we've all grown to love from Premium, but the outside now has an almost neoprene-esk finish to it that gives it a very slight sheen. These things really are beautiful.

The revamped scoop tee's are nothing to laugh at either. The exaggerated length no the tee's is perfect, and layer exceptionally well with the hoodie. Check out a couple of the pieces bellow, and peep the whole collection here.

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Nothing rude about Rhude

May 18 2015, 0 Comments

If you've been into the shop any time in the past few weeks, it's more than likely that you have heard us telling people about this awesome young brand we have coming in called Rhude (the "h" is silent, just pronounce is "rude"). This brand has had us buzzing ever since we wrote the order, and for good reason. Their distressing game is on point, and since distressed seems to be the "color of the year" (despite not being a color at all) this should get everyone excited.

This is an snippet taken from Rhude's "about us" page:





I pulled a couple pictures from their website so you all could get a taste of what is coming from Rhude, check those out bellow. 

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A Machus Exclusive Q&A with Gioventu New York

May 13 2015, 0 Comments

Gioventu is quickly becoming a staff-favorite here at Machus. Every time we open a box of new arrivals from these guys we get excited about it's contents instantly. They have it down - from color palate to fit - everything is on point from these guys. We built out a few brief questions and asked the men behind the brand to give us an incite into their world. Enjoy!

Give me a backstory on you two. How you guys met, where the idea for the business came from, where you found the original inspiration for Gioventu, how you came up with the name, basically give me an in-depth look into the origin story of Gioventu.

Charlie started Gioventu NYC doing one-offs in 2013. It was more graphic design than fashion, and the pieces did well as experiments. His parents are both designers so it’s in his blood. We met in school in 2014 and slowly realized that it might be worth working together. Charlie had a vision for a brand and an environment that no one person could carry out on their own, at least not on the level that we are working at now. I came in on the business side to help build the brand into something sustainable and really enable us to create product and everything else at a higher level. 

Gioventu New York was born in summer 2014, when we released the first version of the Essex T. We wanted to start with a piece that was current but that we could back up with really good quality and materials. Gioventú means “youth” in Italian. To us, youth means a foundation—something to build on top of. When we release each piece, it’s the beginning of its lifecycle. We want it to get beat up and hold up. That’s our favorite aspect of fashion. The construction and design is only the beginning of the process. The person wearing it has just as much, if not more, control over what happens next. 

Because of this, everything has to last, which is why we take so much time finding the best materials for each piece. We’re working with the best cottons, zippers and accessories to make pieces that age and keep that feeling of something being precious as long as possible. That’s how we approach everything we make. We’re always thinking about time and its effects and building for the future. 

The inspiration for the aesthetic comes from two places:  European design, specifically Belgian minimalism, and the Farrow & Ball color set, which is full of these desaturated and muted tones that work beautifully together. Each piece we make is inspired by a piece that can be worn underneath it; they’re built to exist together. From the initial drawings to the final product we’re always thinking about the cohesion of the end look, beyond any single piece. 

What does a day in the life look like? I know you guys are bootstrapping the entire project, so tell me what that looks like in your world.

Our days are hectic and never the same. We’re often running around the Garment District, checking in on samples or looking at zippers or buttons or other things. We’ve been lucky to assemble a really amazing group of advisors and mentors so we meet with them often. Making physical things is ridiculously hard and talking with people who have done it before, often hundreds more times than you have, has been crucial. If we’re not running around, we’re working in my apartment on upcoming pieces, shipping out orders and making sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. Is it’s always a roller coaster and we’ve realized that after a few good days you’re due for a bad one. We’re finally getting used to this, but seeing that the final product after months of planning and prototyping always keeps us going. 

The future. Where you want Gioventu to go, what the plans for future growth look like, what does next season have in store, what fabrics are you jazzed about using, whatever future forecasting you want to hook it up.

Our short term goal is to stay on the current path making more and more pieces and continuing to grow the audience. We think we’re onto something but we know we have a ways to go. We’re sticking to tops now but Charlie has some really awesome lowers planned, among some other big pieces we’re always thinking about. But we’re going to keep focusing on completing the top half of our vision.

In the long term, we’ll get into developing full seasons. The vision we’ve put out and are constantly refining has room for experimentation and growth in it. We want to keep putting more time into our photoshoots, continue improving the experience online and the product as a whole. 

Finally a little bio on both of you two biography style:

Charlie Giannetti - 21

I grew up surrounded by design, as both my parents are designers, and always knew I was going to do something where I could actually make products. I worked for a clothing manufacturing company when I was in high school where I started to see how everything worked and from there, I started an early version of this brand. Eventually my understanding and knowledge of fashion grew. This allowed us to step beyond the graphic streetwear and into contemporary menswear, which is what we’re working with now. 

Born and raised in Santa Monica and moved to New York for school.

Richie Siegel - 21

I’ve been building things since I was little. Lot’s of filmmaking, photography and design. Creating was always the most interesting thing for me. This allows Charlie and I to work really well together, since we can speak a similar language. Before Gioventu I worked on a lot of media and tech projects, and that experience has been essential for building a brand in the 21st century. But this is easily the most I’ve been invested in any given project. There’s no other way to do it; you have to give it all you got. 

Born in Cleveland, Ohio. We moved to outside New York City when I was seven, and I’ve been here ever since. 

A big thank you to the guys over at Gioventu for taking the time to chat with us, and for the original photography they gave us. Shot on a film camera, and completely original work exclusively for the Machus blog!

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Arno De France - Coming Soon!

May 06 2015, 0 Comments

We can't get enough of the internet these days. We are constantly browsing around for new and upcoming brands. One we stumbled upon was Arno De France. Immediately we were awestruck with their knits, these beautifully deconstructed multi layer cotton sweaters caught our eye and we had to bring them in.

Be on the lookout for these guys in the coming weeks online. 

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Four Pins Calls Machus one of the "Best Online Shops for Men"!

May 06 2015, 0 Comments

We are big fans of Four Pins, we aren't ashamed to admit it. They're knowledgable about our industry, ahead of the curve, and often throw us a shout out with an article or review of our private label. These guys know mens fashion, that's why it's even more meaningful when they name our store "One of the Best Online Shops for Men". It means a lot coming from these guys, and we are definitely thankful! Check out the full article here.

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Nid De Awesome

April 27 2015, 0 Comments

We picked up Nid de Guêpes (pronounced KNEE-DUH-GAYPE) about 3 months ago after stumbling into their look book while browsing through the depth of the internet. This stuff is money, and we've had an overwhelmingly positive response from both in-store and online customers as a result of bringing these guys in. The fits are awesome, materials are lush, and the overall asthetic of the brand is absolutely dope. 

Everything from Nid de Guêpes (NID for short) is made in France by hand. By hand. Who does that kind of work anymore? These guys do. When we met up with the brand in Paris during Men's Market Week, we were schooled in our French learning that NID translates into english as "the wasp's nest." How'd we know? When we asked their owner how to pronounce the brand's name, he spoke so little english that he simple started buzzing like a bee. LMAO.

We love this dude, so much so that we have a super special super ultra secret collab in the works that's going to come to fruition in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for that, because quantities will be V limited. 


Overall, NID kicks major ass and we are moving forward with these guys in a big way. Check out the collection here

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Surf Culture is Actually Cool

April 26 2015, 0 Comments

Remember Warriors of Radness? Back when they were crowned by GQ as one of the Designers of the Year the world was on board with the *radness* of surf culture in menswear. So were we. That's why it hurt like a kidney stone passing when American Apparel swallowed up WOR and disintegrated it into nothingness. A piece of my heart died when that happened. I long to feel as cool as I once did wearing beach ready "surfer bro" gear and looking dope while doing it. Well, once again I can satisfy my heart because Quality Peoples is here. 

Quality Peoples was started by Ed and John, two like minded individuals who found each other via the internet during transition periods in both of their lives. Ed had just moved to Mexico, and John to Hawaii to get a fresh start. Both "bros" bonded over their love of surf, their art, and a love for design. It's from these shared values that Quality Peoples was born. Their graphic prints are awesome, and the quality of their garments is no laughing matter either. Not too ironic and not too passive, they together have found the perfect niche of leisure wear. 

Lets take this Tourist/Local Tee for example. Depending on if I'm standing in front of you of if you're behind me, I could either live here or just be visiting. How dope is it that a single t-shirt could be so damn useful. Nobody wants to be "that tourist" with the selfie stick, so throw this tee on and you get instant street cred. I honestly could just pack up 4 of these on a 2 month Hawaii adventure and wear nothing else. 

The place in my hear that longed to feel like I was made to be a beach bum is satisfied once again with Quality Peoples. Check out our collection from them here

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The Return of Knomadik

April 23 2015, 0 Comments

Knomadik by Daniel Patrick has had a bit of an absence from the store these past few months, and it was intentional. We know it's a bit odd to say that a brand we like and support was absent from our brand list for months on end, but hear us out. 

Portland (see: our customer base) was becoming a bit over-saturated with Knomadik. Seemingly everyone who wanted a piece of Daniel Patrick's desert-warrior-esk urban ready diffusion line had the piece(s) they wanted. Every time we restocked an item, it sold out. Every piece we brought into the store had overwhelmingly good feedback from customers and critics alike. We were noticing on the last little run we did though, that pieces were sitting. Took a little while for us to figure out that we had brought so much of it in so many times, that the items people wanted and raved about were already flooded throughout the city.

This time we took a distinct focus: bring in some color and some wow, in only a way Knomadik could deliver. We were wondering how to bring in some earth tones and keep it in line with the ascetic we fight hard to maintain, and Knomadik was the perfect balance. His dyed pieces - in burgundy and olive/army to be specific - wowed us with their vibrancy. And Daniel's head-to-toe dying method maintains consistency in color in the different garments (shorts, shirts, sweaters, etc.) so much so that you could wear head to toe Knomadik army and have a perfect matching outfit.

All that said, we are excited to have Knomadik back in Machus. Check out the collection here.

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From The Manager: The Best Items on Sale Right Now

April 15 2015, 0 Comments

Hey guys. Maybe you know me, maybe you don't. I'm Alex, I help out writing this blog (that people read maybe?) and also assist Justin and Juline (the power couple in charge) in running the store. This post isn't about me though, it's about the dope sale items that nobody is gripping, coping, snagging, buying, swooping, however you want to say it.

I often see items in the store I refer to as "sleepers", or the stuff that people sleep on (look at but don't buy), make their way over to the sale rack. This is a sad existence for such clothing pieces; the ones the scream "wear me every day," but continue to sit idly on the rack. Well fear not lonely garments, I am here to shine the spotlight on you. These are the pieces on the sale rack that I think should get snatched up right away.



The Broiler Suit from Oak. I mean nothing says "I have my life together and absolutely care not what anybody else thinks" than a sick-ass onesie and some fire sneakers. Stunt on all your haters in the jumpsuit that everybody secretly wishes they owned.


These Loop Back Shorts from ADYN are exceptional. I mean, who doesn't need a pair of shorts that nobody can stop staring at even if they wanted to? The fabric is both extremely cozy and a mild optical illusion if looked at for too long. Rock these to the river, casual Friday in the office, or just throw these on in the AM while you're cooking up some breakfast (correction: probably a green smoothie. Whatever.) to look like a God amongst men.


These are a gem. I mean, look at this take on dad-jeans from Nudie. The Tape Ted Light Careworn is easily one of the best summer jeans. Skip the tailor because these already fit *insert 100 emoji here* off the rack and are ready for grilling out back and hiking your local forest trail. Perfect weight, flawless wash, and just the right amount of stretch is what really makes this pair of jeans a sleeper.

Lastly we have this gem. The Utility Bomber from Adidas Y-3. This thing isn't your normal bomber. Yohji designed this. There's nothing normal about it. All fire here fam. That's waterproof seam tape detailing with buttery smooth YKK zips. Excess pockets? No problem. Not only will you feel like a street ninja wearing this, but you'll look like you could do backflips off the nearest building onto the fire escape as well. What are you waiting for?

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Laer - They Don't Just "Do" Leather

April 09 2015, 0 Comments

A brand that has been flying deep deep under the radar recently, Laer is as deep in the ride of men's fashion as it gets. Probably most well-known for his leather goods, most people don't seem to know that the man works hand in hand with Kanye West on Good Music and other apparel projects - including helping to shape the Yeezy x Adidas project into what it is now. There's pictures of Kanye west and Jerod (who runs Laer) on the internet and nobody notices. Well, we did. 

Out relationship has been extended with the team down at Laer, and now we are bringing them full force into  Machus. The minimal silhouettes and beautiful construction are just two of the many reason we love what's being done by Laer down in LA. 

Even just looking at pictures of the pieces from his collection, you can see the care and attention to detail that goes into ever piece of clothing that leave their factory. That's right, factory. Laer isn't just a design house with an outside manufacturer - they do everything. Source, design, pattern, build, inspect, shoot, ship. All from their location in Downtown LA. 

Shop Laer at Machus here.

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CWST Has Arrived

April 09 2015, 0 Comments

Ever heard of CWST? Yeah, we hadn't either until we got our hands on some of their spring/summer-ready shirting and joggers. Either you're headed to beautiful Hawaii, the foggy Oregon Coast, or just making your way down to the river for a day of PBR and sunburns, CWST got you covered in style and comfort.

The homepage of their site says it all: "... A spirited collection of effortless Left-Coast menswear. Inspired by and travels of the Pacific Man..." Granted, nobody knows exactly what that means, but it sounds exactly like CWST looks. Basically combine not giving a care in the world with looking relaxed and throw in some suave and you've got CWST. Excited to bring these guys to Portland and the web. See the collection on our site here.



Styled with the Kaohe Sandal from Adidas Y-3

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