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Machus Welcomes Y-3

December 18 2014

We absolutely love Yohji Yamamoto's work with Adidas and we are incredibly proud to finally be carrying the brand at Machus. 

To kick off the Y-3, we had a dedicated event at the new Machus Studio. 

Check out the photos from the event below and shop the SS15 collection here.

Stay tuned for more arrivals...



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Y-3 Is Coming VERY Soon!

December 12 2014

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The City is on Fire

December 12 2014

A City on Fire, our exclusive fragrance with Portland-native Imaginary Authors, has received a very warm welcome from the community of perfume specialists and collectors alike. We stumbled across this wonderful review that is a must-read when you're purchasing this brand new perfume. It beautifully illustrates the mental image our team had during the process of creating this scent with Imaginary Authors. Below is a small, wonderfully written, excerpt from the article via Ca Fleure Bon:

"Over the day I wore it, the dark, slutty weather outside tore at the city’s skies and buildings. Waves of darkness rolled over the city, with screeching squalls of hail and spinning sleet.  Winter had arrived and never was the weather better suited to such a fierce and enveloping scent as A City on Fire."


Also, but thanks to the rad imagery from The Silver Fox, found in the article done by Ca Fleure Bon

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Lower Shipping Rate Update...

November 21 2014

From now on, we have lowered our international rates for USPS. Canada is now only $20 and overseas is just $25! Its just $5 less for both, but we feel this makes it more competitive and we LOVE our overseas customers! 

USA shipping remains the flat rate of $6. 






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Schott Leathers at Machus

November 21 2014

The same jacket worn by James Dean is now available to Machus (The Perfecto, pictured above). For the first time ever, Machus is carrying leathers from Schott, a company dedicated to providing union made leathers to the world via New York City. The first company ever to put a zipper on a jacket, Schott has been making beautiful leather products since 1913. 


This is an exert taken directly from the Schott website, it was too good not to share word for word:

"With WWII over, this country was witnessing the rise of a new rebellion one that would be fought with fast cars and Rock and Roll. In 1954, the now cult classic "The Wild Ones" featured the hot young actor, Marlon Brando, perched on his motorcycle wearing his Schott Perfecto®. The subsequent spike in popularity of the Perfecto® surprisingly resulted in decreased sales. The jackets were banned by school systems around the country because they symbolized a burgeoning teen demographic, the hoodlum. Just one year later, the Perfecto® was catapulted to the height of its popularity when a love for speed ended the life of the quintessential hoodlum."


Check out both Schott jackets available at Machus HERE

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Our Continued Love for Nudie

November 21 2014


We are proud of our continued partnership with Nudie Jeans here at Machus. We have been carrying the brand for years, and are always impressed with the level of quality we see from their products. From their ongoing mission to improve their transparency, and their commitment to only use organically sourced cotton, Nudie's end product is always brilliant. Their waxed denim jackets and jeans have become a favorite in the store, not to mention their garments fit like a dream. 


We carefully curate out selection from Nudie to match the overall ascetic of Machus.


Follow the links hidden within the images on this post to learn more about Nudie's process and commitment to excellence. 

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Machus on Four-Pins

November 17 2014


We are so proud to once again be featured on Four-Pins for our 3rd Year Anniversary Collaborations with ADYN, Berto Herrera and Imaginary Authors. 

Check it out! 




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Tonight is the 3 Year Party!

November 15 2014


We have 3 very special collaborations for 3 years! 

Machus x Imaginary Authors 

Machus x Herrera


Machus x ADYN


All of them are officially release tonight at Machus!


Sponsored by Redbull & Nuvrei.


Dj, drinks. 

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In the works....

November 02 2014


We are in the final stages of solidifying a new creative space for Machus. 

The new space will primarally be a studio for the website, but also feature random pop-up events, art shows, trunk shows and special releases. 


Here is a shot of the empty space.... just two doors down from the current store!




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The Machus 3rd Year Anniversary Party

October 30 2014




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Machus x The Sum Video

October 14 2014



Celebrating The Sum x Machus Cuff, The Sum presents a video with visuals by Black Math and music by Blue Sky Black Death.



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Machus x The Sum

October 14 2014


The Sum, makers of fine crafted body adornment alongside Machus, purveyors of progressive brands blurring the line of streetwear and high-fashion menswear, release The Sum x Machus Cuff.


19.8 grams of solid Recycled Sterling Silver oxidized to the Divine Proportion. This minimalist half-dome profiled cuff is limited to a production of only 10 handmade pieces. Arriving in a vegan-suede lined antiqued wooden box adorned with wax seals from The Sum and Machus. Each The Sum x Machus Cuff comes with a hand-numbered authentication card.


Celebrating The Sum x Machus Cuff, The Sum presents a video with visuals by Black Math and music by Blue Sky Black Death.


Available exclusively through Machus.


  • Only 10 pieces produced
  • Solid recycled Sterling Silver
  • Oxidized to the Divine Proportion
  • 5 inch circumference 
  • 8 grams
  • Arrives with a custom Vegan-suede lined antiqued wooden box adorned with black wax seals from The Sum and Machus 
  • Handmade in Portland, Oregon USA


*The oxidized portion of this bracelet will warm and wear with use. It will slowly age and change with its wearer, making each bracelet unique.


***The Sum x Machus Cuff***




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