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From The Manager: The Best Items on Sale Right Now

April 15 2015, 0 Comments

Hey guys. Maybe you know me, maybe you don't. I'm Alex, I help out writing this blog (that people read maybe?) and also assist Justin and Juline (the power couple in charge) in running the store. This post isn't about me though, it's about the dope sale items that nobody is gripping, coping, snagging, buying, swooping, however you want to say it.

I often see items in the store I refer to as "sleepers", or the stuff that people sleep on (look at but don't buy), make their way over to the sale rack. This is a sad existence for such clothing pieces; the ones the scream "wear me every day," but continue to sit idly on the rack. Well fear not lonely garments, I am here to shine the spotlight on you. These are the pieces on the sale rack that I think should get snatched up right away.



The Broiler Suit from Oak. I mean nothing says "I have my life together and absolutely care not what anybody else thinks" than a sick-ass onesie and some fire sneakers. Stunt on all your haters in the jumpsuit that everybody secretly wishes they owned.


These Loop Back Shorts from ADYN are exceptional. I mean, who doesn't need a pair of shorts that nobody can stop staring at even if they wanted to? The fabric is both extremely cozy and a mild optical illusion if looked at for too long. Rock these to the river, casual Friday in the office, or just throw these on in the AM while you're cooking up some breakfast (correction: probably a green smoothie. Whatever.) to look like a God amongst men.


These are a gem. I mean, look at this take on dad-jeans from Nudie. The Tape Ted Light Careworn is easily one of the best summer jeans. Skip the tailor because these already fit *insert 100 emoji here* off the rack and are ready for grilling out back and hiking your local forest trail. Perfect weight, flawless wash, and just the right amount of stretch is what really makes this pair of jeans a sleeper.

Lastly we have this gem. The Utility Bomber from Adidas Y-3. This thing isn't your normal bomber. Yohji designed this. There's nothing normal about it. All fire here fam. That's waterproof seam tape detailing with buttery smooth YKK zips. Excess pockets? No problem. Not only will you feel like a street ninja wearing this, but you'll look like you could do backflips off the nearest building onto the fire escape as well. What are you waiting for?

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Laer - They Don't Just "Do" Leather

April 09 2015, 0 Comments

A brand that has been flying deep deep under the radar recently, Laer is as deep in the ride of men's fashion as it gets. Probably most well-known for his leather goods, most people don't seem to know that the man works hand in hand with Kanye West on Good Music and other apparel projects - including helping to shape the Yeezy x Adidas project into what it is now. There's pictures of Kanye west and Jerod (who runs Laer) on the internet and nobody notices. Well, we did. 

Out relationship has been extended with the team down at Laer, and now we are bringing them full force into  Machus. The minimal silhouettes and beautiful construction are just two of the many reason we love what's being done by Laer down in LA. 

Even just looking at pictures of the pieces from his collection, you can see the care and attention to detail that goes into ever piece of clothing that leave their factory. That's right, factory. Laer isn't just a design house with an outside manufacturer - they do everything. Source, design, pattern, build, inspect, shoot, ship. All from their location in Downtown LA. 

Shop Laer at Machus here.

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CWST Has Arrived

April 09 2015, 0 Comments

Ever heard of CWST? Yeah, we hadn't either until we got our hands on some of their spring/summer-ready shirting and joggers. Either you're headed to beautiful Hawaii, the foggy Oregon Coast, or just making your way down to the river for a day of PBR and sunburns, CWST got you covered in style and comfort.

The homepage of their site says it all: "... A spirited collection of effortless Left-Coast menswear. Inspired by and travels of the Pacific Man..." Granted, nobody knows exactly what that means, but it sounds exactly like CWST looks. Basically combine not giving a care in the world with looking relaxed and throw in some suave and you've got CWST. Excited to bring these guys to Portland and the web. See the collection on our site here.



Styled with the Kaohe Sandal from Adidas Y-3

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Siki Im Making Waves

April 02 2015, 0 Comments

One of our absolute favorite designers - Siki Im - was recently awarded by The Vilcek Foundation for his "creative promise in the fashion industry". This comes as a no-brainer to us, Siki is constantly pushing the progressive men's fashion agenda and redefine what "fashionable man" looks like. His construction is on point, his designs unique, and his fits are always buttery smooth. This collection had us swooning from the second we took it out of the box. Click the image bellow to check out the selection on our web store.


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Stampd Named one of GQ's Top Designers in America

March 26 2015, 0 Comments

A brand that we are moving forward with in a BIG way, Stampd LA, has hit the big one. GQ, America's foremost men's fashion magazine, has named our friends over at Stampd on of their top men's designers of the year. We couldn't be more proud of our friends in LA, this is a brand we truthfully believe in and are excited to bring to Portland. Check out the GQ article here.


Seen above is the Black Distressed Denim Button Down from Stampd

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A City on Fire is Catching the Spotlight

March 26 2015, 0 Comments

It feels like almost weekly that a new article has been coming out in regards to our collaboration perfume with Imaginary Authors, but this one is extra special. Our perfume is up for an international award from Art and Olfaction. This is an extremely large honor and we could not be more humbled. Check out the other finalists and see where we stand here.

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Brunside Knives at Machus!

March 06 2015, 0 Comments

We are proud to be one of the first retailers for the Portland brand, Burnside Knives. 

We love the simplicity, the build quality and firmly believe in having a knife if our pockets at all time. 

check out their recent press on Hypebeast here... 

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Machus x Imaginary Authors Press

March 05 2015, 0 Comments

The latest collaboration with fellow Portland company, Imaginary Authors, has landed us some great international press in the London Financial Times

It's a wonderful article about some of the best and most creative perfumes being made now. 

Check out the article HERE

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Pyer Moss - Coming Fall 2015

February 13 2015, 0 Comments

It's almost like Four-Pins is crawling into our email inbox - they keep doing full write-ups on brands we are going to stock for Fall/Winter 2015. This time they gave the world a really full look at Pyer Moss' Fall/Winter 2015 lineup. We snagged some of their images for you all to check out, and you can see Four-Pins' post here 


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Chapter Autumn / Winter Preview from New York Fashion Week

February 12 2015, 0 Comments

This upcoming Autumn/Winter from Chapter looks fantastic, we are literally giddy about their products in store. They've really hit stride and found their niche, and you can feel that from these images they posted to their Instagram account from their show in New York City during fashion week. What are the things these models are standing in? Coffins? Pillars of ice? Either way it works because these looks are ice cold. Can't wait to get these guys back in store. 

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Siki Im's Den Im is coming soon to Machus

February 11 2015, 0 Comments


Coming soon to Machus, both online and in-store, Den Im from designer Siki Im is coming soon! We wrote a HUGE order with these guys and cannot wait for it to arrive. Check out a preview over on Four-Pins here

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Machus Private Label Capsule on Four-Pins!

February 09 2015, 0 Comments

This newest collection from our private label was our largest endeavor yet. We pushed ourselves beyond our norm of tees and sweatshirts and experimented with some new silhouettes. The jogger, the flannel, the legging, all brand new to our private label collection, and exclusively available in our show room and online store.


Our friends and long time supporters over at Four-Pins did a really wonderful write up about our capsule collection, check it out here

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