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The Monogram 2Way Tote Bag in Black from Porter 

It is the first collection "MONOGRAM" series of "POTR".

POTR is a brand based on the concept of lifestyle, making use of the manufacturing experience that Yoshida&Co. & Co. has cultivated over its 87-year history.
Since the brand announcement in 2021, we have announced collaborations with brands and people representing each scene, such as art, music, and sports.

The MONOGRAM series of the first collection is a collection of all 9 types with POTR original monograms that look three-dimensional at the angle of light.
A monogram pattern is expressed in jacquard on a glossy nylon fabric woven with high density. This fabric, which has undergone cotton bonding processing, is characterized by its lightness and suppleness.

The 2WAY tote bag is compact enough to hold a 600ml PET bottle, making it perfect for everyday use. The slanted zipper pocket on the front and the interior also have an open pocket and a clear pocket, so you can divide and store your personal items.

MONOGRAM is a collection of bags that are close to the lifestyles of various people and enrich their daily lives.

  • Exterior: 1 zipper pocket / 1 open pocket / 2 hook pockets
  • Interior: 1 open pocket / 1 hook-and-loop pocket