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The Eternity Ring in Silver from SERGE DENIMES 

The Silver Eternity Ring is a unique shaped ring with wire style construction and a Cubic Zirconia stone. The ring is made from 925 Sterling Silver and is hallmarked verifying its quality.

The Eternity Ring is inspired by the Hellenistic era, the period when the Ancient Seven Wonders list was created. This period of cultural relevance spreads across 3 centuries from 323 BC to 32 BC during a time when Ancient Greeks and Romans ruled the Mediterranean.

The wire-like form of this ring is inspired by the Herakles knot, also known as the Hercules knot. The knot symbolises binding people together and is a popular symbol of love and marriage. The stone in the ring is hand set with a bezel technique and is a warm orange coloured Cubic Zirconia. The back of the ring is open to allow light to the back of the stone, making it more reflective. The ring has an oxidized finish giving it an aged, vintage look.

The Silver Eternity Ring is available in 5 sizes so can be worn on your choice of finger however the large stone makes it ideal for either the index or middle fingers. 

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Oxidized finish
  • Cubic Zirconia Stone
  • Hallmarked
  • Available in sizes 7, 8, 9.5, 10.5 & 11.5
  • This product weighs approx 8g