by: A.P.C.

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Petit Standard Indigo by A.P.C

Japanese raw selvedge denim
Unisex jeans
Straight leg
Straight mid-rise
Five pockets, button fly
The first button is engraved 'A.P.C. rue Madame près du Luxembourg'
Contrasting caramel-colored topstitching 
100% Cotton
Made in Macau

We recommend sizing down to allow stretch.

Alic's Denim Tips

There's a lot of misinformation around raw denim these days. Our store manager Alic is a big denim nerd; here's his tips.

When you buy your first pair of raw denim jeans, you want it to fit your waist a bit loose, with enough room to account for shrinkage. We find that with APC Selvedge denim it's best to stay true to size, as they run just big enough to account for shrinkage. This varies depending on wash techniques, and best applies to the cold-wash-and-hang-dry method.

When you first get your jeans, soak them. This helps work out all the extra starches and any treatment chemicals that may be in the unwashed denim - which helps prolong the life of the jeans by removing those abrasive agents from the fabric and seams. Fill your bathtub with warm water and submerge the jeans for about 30 minutes, using mugs or other household weights to keep the jeans fully submerged, lightly agitate them in the water at the beginning and end of the process and then hang to dry. Once dry, they're ready to wear!

We're sure you've heard plenty about not washing your raw denim for upwards of a year - if ever. Ignore that! Wash your jeans at least every 30 wears. We recommend every 15 wears, especially if you work or do any activities in your jeans. Not washing your denim actually shortens the life of the jeans, as dirt works into the fabric and seams and abrades the yarn, leading to premature blowouts. Washing also helps give higher contrast fades when done correctly. It helps remove any indigo dye that has already started to fade away, without doing much damage to the dye that's still in the yarn, and it cleans off dirt that's worked into the white core of the yarn to revive it's true cream-colored base. For best results: wash your jeans inside out with like colors, on the cold setting, and hang to dry.
If you have any more questions on raw denim, or any other products we carry, don't be afraid to reach out via email or Instagram DM's.