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The Balloon Bag in Black from PORTER 

"BALLOONSAC" has an impressive rounded shape with a motif of a pouch bag that has been used to carry small items since ancient times.

Nylon twill fabric with cotton bonding is used as the main material, and it features a calm luster and soft texture.

The main body can be opened and closed by adjusting the drawcord at the mouth, making it easy to take out luggage, as well as changing the silhouette depending on the position of the cord stopper. Comes with a removable handle and shoulder strap, and is a 2-way specification that can be used not only on the shoulder but also by hand.

The drawcord around the mouth comes with an original black and orange cord and a single color cord that matches the main body color, so you can enjoy changing it according to your coordination and scene. The color of the interior is “olive” for black, “beige” for silver gray, and “navy” for sage green.

The S size is a size that comfortably fits wallets and smartphones that are essential for going out. With its simple design and abundant storage space, it is recommended not only as a main bag for everyday use, but also as a secondary bag for travel.