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The Zeus Necklace in Silver from Serge Denimes 


  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Oxidized finish
  • Unique shaped pendant
  • Hallmarked
  • Adjustable Chain
  • This product weighs approx 10g

The Silver Zeus Necklace features a realistic half face pendant which hangs from a fine Figaro Chain. The necklace is made from 925 Sterling Silver and is hallmarked verifying its quality.

The Zeus Necklace is inspired by the Ancient Seven Wonder, the Statue of Zeus. The statue was created in the 5th century BC, made by the infamous Greek sculptor, Phidias. The necklace is finished with an oxidized technique to highlight the details, such as the eyes and beard.

The Seven Wonders Collection is a depiction of the notable landmarks from the Hellenistic era, with a fresh take on Ancient Grecian architecture and Middle Eastern design. Iconic pillars, Greek Gods and talismans can all be found in the collection.