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The Switch Sacoche in Black from PORTER

Cotton surge is used as the main material, GAIFU with excellent strength is used for the bottom part where the load is applied, and 70 denier ripstop nylon is combined for the side pockets. Series.

The main material, cotton surge, is woven more densely than usual, and the surface is water-repellent, so it has the same water-repellent function as GAIFU. Acrylic coating is applied to the back side to increase the resistance to fraying and suppress the stretch of the fabric.

The included parts include handles and shoulder straps that use nylon tape, as well as plastic saddle snap hooks and ladder hooks. In addition, metal parts are used for the hook buttons, and while you can enjoy the mix of various materials, by using all black except for the PORTER tag printed on the reflector, it creates a calm impression and is suitable for a wide range of ages and genders. , Finished to be easy to match with clothes. The PORTER tag using a reflector makes it a visual point and also enhances visibility when used at night.