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The Screen Sacoche from Porter 

It is a cool casual series that uses mesh material for the entire bag.

By attaching a storage space made of PVC-processed nylon ripstop material to the interior, it is a specification that can store wet and dry items separately. The biggest feature is that you have it with you.

The main body fabric is an original polyester mesh material that is thick but does not hurt even if it touches the skin directly. Ideal for storing wet and dirty items during summer leisure activities such as beaches and pools, and for everyday use, it is also suitable for storing folding umbrellas and plastic bottles. In addition, the same mesh material is used on the back, and the good breathability when carrying it on the back is unique to mesh bags, and one of the important functions is that it can be used relatively cool in the recent intense heat.

The biggest feature of this series is not only the functionality of the mesh material mentioned above, but also the storage space provided by the fabric with PVC processing on the interior, so you can store dry items without being affected by wet items. is. This makes it different from the mesh bags on the market, and it has functionality for town use, so you can carry things you don't want to get wet, such as your smartphone or wallet. Except for the sacoche type 2, the mesh material storage room and the interior PVC storage space are made with a gusset, so when storing large-capacity luggage, the storage space can be moved to either side, so you can match the luggage. You can use it by adjusting the space flexibly. YKK aquaguard vislon is used for the fasteners in the parts related to the waterproofness of the PVC storage space to enhance its functionality.

In addition, the PVC processing of the interior fabric enhances its luster, and it is coated with a special method so that ripstop eyes can be seen, and the texture of the material can be seen through the mesh. Finished with a certain impression.

In addition to the beach and pool, it is a series that has the functionality of Yoshida Kaban, while being an accent for coordination in various summer leisure scenes such as camping and festivals. With a wide range of targets for both men and women, you can choose from three colors: the standard black, the light gray that is easy to match, and the eye-catching orange with strong saturation.