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Introducing Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood  from Escentric Molecules, England.


Countless fragrance lovers have fallen for the almost irresistible pull of Molecule 01, which featured the subtly warm and velvety molecule Iso E Super to cocoon the wearer in a near-invisible aura of chic and seductive scent. M+ is the continuation of perfumer Geza Schoen's gift for impactful minimalism, an imagining of a unforgettable dance between Iso E Super and just one other beautiful, carefully chosen ingredient.

An extract from the heartwood of the Palo Santo tree, guaiac is a fragrant material with a mystical quality- warm, woodsy, and mysterious. Combined with the encapsulating smoothness of Iso E Super, it takes on an almost whiskey-like depth, with creamy, smoky, and aromatic tones that embrace the wearer in a cozy, yet sensual cloud. The warmest and deepest of the M01+ line thus far, it's a must try for lovers of all things woodsy.

Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood Fragrance Notes

- Iso E Super
- Guaiac wood

Made in England 
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