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The Lava Stone, Sterling Silver and Iolite Bead Bracelet from GD Beads

Elastic band, one size fits most... roughly 7"-8.5"

  • This elegant bracelet offers grounding strength, courage, clarity, and amplified healing, providing the wearer with stability, insight, and adventurous spirit.
  • Combining Lava Stones, Iolite, and Sterling Silver, this bracelet encapsulates a compelling blend of healing properties.
  • Lava Stones, born from the fire's core, symbolize strength and courage. They're grounding stones that connect you deeply to the earth and its energies, providing stability in times of change. Lava stones also double as a natural diffuser, enabling the wearer to use essential oils for added benefits.
  • Iolite, also known as the Viking's Compass, offers powerful guidance in difficult times. It stimulates the third eye chakra, promoting clear intuition and insight. It's particularly useful in encouraging exploration of unfamiliar paths, aiding balance and understanding.
  • Sterling Silver, often associated with lunar elements, provides a cooling and calming effect. It's believed to amplify the properties of the stones it accompanies, thereby boosting the overall energy of the bracelet.