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The Attrition Ring in Gold from SERGE DENIMES

The Gold Attrition Ring is a slim band ring with an uneven texture reminiscent of sea damage. The ring is made from Gold plated 925 Sterling Silver, and is hallmarked verifying its quality.

Nautical references in fashion are an undying trend and our Oceanic Glow collection has notes to this classic theme, whilst also presenting conceptual designs. The collection looks at the otherworldly creatures, colors and textures found at the bottom of the ocean. Wavy textures and metal hardware contrast for shapes reminiscent of the deep sea.

This classic band ring boasts a soft, wavy texture, inspired by the wearing down of rocks in the ocean or in streams. Attrition is the process of erosion that occurs during rock collision and transportation and it is partially responsible for turning boulders into smaller rocks and eventually to sand. The resulting texture on the ring is a smooth, uneven surface reminiscent of a pebble or water. The Attrition Ring is finished in a premium 24KT Gold plating, colored to 14KT Gold.


  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gold plating
  • Slim band style
  • Hallmarked