J A C O B ///

Comfort in clothing is something I always consider when picking out my outfits. I prefer my pants to be drop crotch (room down there is always important) and wider leg for an oversized, draped look. I like to keep my proportions properly matched, so if I'm wearing a baggy trouser, I might choose a fitted tee, tucked in. Since I am only 5'8", I prefer to pick tops that give off the appearance that I am taller. All of my choices below are things I own or wish to own and easily fit into my weekly rotation. 

1. The best jacket I've bought this season! I love the fit and the contrast of the RiRi circular pull zipper completes the look. I'm actually wearing it as I type this.

2. I love me some Chapter. These guys have been one of my top brands since they started a few years ago. The fit on this new button down is killer - slightly cropped but with a more oversized body. Pair it with a baggy black trouser and white Cons.

3. Shane has been killing it for years (who remembers Stay Dirty), and this t-shirt is no exception. Go true to size for intended fit. 

4. The one thing I bought from Yeezy Season 3. I wasn't sure how the collection was going to turn out, but when I saw this piece in person, I was sold. It's the perfect length and width for someone of my height. 

5. Our new Machus candle scent!! We're currently burning it as we type this and it has put me in the best mood. I think after I finish this sentence I'm gonna walk up to the register and buy one. (Side note, I did).

-Jacob Keller