J A C O B ///

 1. Desire T-Shirt from MISBHV - I love the cut and the way it drapes on the body. Leave this t-shirt for day wear and throw on something different at night. The graphic might piss off your girlfriend (side-note, it did).

2. Bloom Pant from Henrik Vibskov - I own two pairs of these so when we placed the spring order, I made sure we added this pant style so people could see what the hype was about. It's seriously one of the most unique cut pants we have in the store.

3. Jason's Hoodie by DRKSHDW - It's Rick. That should be explanation enough.

4. Joh Parka from HOPE - I love the vintage military vibe this parka gives off. It's super oversized so it's meant to be worn over whatever you're already wearing. I copped and unfortunately have to wait until Fall 17 to wear it :-( 

5. Lou Cropped Jacket from Ne.Sense - I love Ne.Sense and I love Luke Viscious so when the two teamed up to create this jacket I had to add it to my favorites. Very crazy detailing.

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