J A C O B ///

Comfort in clothing is something I always consider when picking out my outfits. I prefer my pants to be drop crotch (room down there is always important) and wider leg for an oversized, draped look. I like to keep my proportions properly matched, so if I'm wearing a baggy trouser, I might choose a fitted tee, tucked in. Since I am only 5'8", I prefer to pick tops that give off the appearance that I am taller. All of my choices below are things I own or wish to own and easily fit into my weekly rotation. 

1. I can't help but love bags. I have probably four backpacks, three shoulder bags, and three murse's (male purse), yet I still want this DRKSHDW woven bag. Sue me.

2. Stone Island!! You made one of the most perfect puffers I've seen in a long while. The whole jacket is garment dyed after it's made. #technology

3. This is my fall scent. I believe every man should brand themselves with their signature scent. This is mine.

4. Cropped yeah!!! Because I'm short, cropped is good for me! The drop crotch allows you to wear it high with a tucked tee.

5. I'm a sucker for long coats in the fall/winter and I love the look of this Saturday's parka. Thin and flexible, yet durable enough to handle Portland rain.

-Jacob Keller