C O L E ///

My personal style reflects a rendition of early 90's looks. The ease of being comfortable yet stylish is what usually influences my daily outfits. These particular pieces that I've chosen are products that I look forward to incorporating into my every day routine.

1. The CPO Shirt by Mr.Completely is the perfect cold weather flannel. It's a heavy cotton material that keeps you cozy while looking good at the same time.

2. Time travel back to the 70's with this trouser from Bristol.

3. Willy Chavarria is my favorite brand in our store right now. The Buffalo Tee by Willy is an essential. It would pair nicely with the Jan Trouser as well.

4. You ever wanted to smell like a sexy man that just completed a voyage through the desert while riding a camel bareback? Well now you can with the scent Bulls Blood by Imaginary Authors. This is my favorite cologne by far.

5. If you want to destroy my sweater, hold this thread as I walk away. 

-Cole McBride