C O L E ///

My personal style reflects a rendition of early 90's looks. The ease of being comfortable yet stylish is what usually influences my daily outfits. These particular pieces that I've chosen are products that I look forward to incorporating into my every day routine.

1. The Pima Panel Tee from Willy Chavarria. Slightly oversized cropped tee with a box like fit. I choose this piece because of the "washed" black color and the flexibility of the material.

2. Helmut Lang patch pocket flannel. With the two big utility pockets on the front, this piece makes for a great winter flannel that gives off a traditional americano vibe.

3. Rick Owens Canvas Ramones. The best pair of shoes that I have ever owned. Enough said.

4. The Long Sleeve Pocket Tee from Mr.Completely. I looked so good in this shirt that Jacob decided to buy his size after me. I recommend going a size up for a true baggy fit.

5. Another piece from Mr.Completely, we have the Raglan Flannel. A nice flannel that compliments any outfit you decide to go with. Featuring a secret top button that allows the flannel to have relaxed look.

-Cole McBride