Welcome Mr. Tim B. to MACHUS

Quick Q&A Mr. Tim B!

Machus: Hey Tim, welcome to the store! 

Can you tell me what brands you are most interested in at the store at the store this season?


Tim: This season I really like Rxmance and their direction. It's simple and high quality. I also like Cast of vices a lot. They seem to explore with various patterns and materials and that are appealing to me.


Machus: What future brand arriving at machus are you most excited about? Fall13 and/or SS14?


Tim: The brands that are coming for f/w 2013 & s/s 2014 will knock portland out of its boots! Hood By Air, Skingraft, ADYN, Au Courant and of course Knomadik by Daniel Patrick , he always brings something 

original and fresh. 

I am also really eager to see how we can push our own house brand and create products we love and are proud to put the name Machus on. 


Machus: And Finally, what direction do you think menswear is heading? It's been pretty heritage in the Northwest for a minute, do you see blending of that look with more modern aesthetic?


Tim: I see menswear from all over the world interchanging and evolving into a mix from everywhere. Because of the availability of the internet to see fashion from Japan, UK, Australia, NY, anywhere for that matter, you are able to use that as an influence and immolate what you see. Therefore the direction ultimately is, in theory, that all men will in some way or 

another dress similarly. 

Off of that tangent I see in the coming years that more cut and sown or bespoke items will become the norm. Emphasis on tailored wear and mixing various styles will be apparent. As regards the northwest I think that often the default has been heritage wear because of the elements we must endure. So my challenge to men would be what can you wear that accomplishes you not getting wet or cold but is not the same boots, denim 

and patagonia coat? 

More and more we are seeing technical wear merging with fashion and that creates these opportunities all the more so. I personally have always tried to gain influence from very fashion forward individuals, as well as those who have a very classic style and then i merge them together so that I can push myself but also be classic.

Please come by the store, give Tim a high-five and check out all that's happening for Summer Sales and Fall '13!



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