Introducing Slow Build Heavy Grind to the PNW

If you come to Machus, you know we love designers who put their full effort into their clothes. Passion goes a long way in this industry. Customers can identify a designer who truly stands behind his/her product.
Slow Build Heavy Grind is no exception. 
We are super happy to introduce this brand to the Pacific Northwest. Hell, we're just happy to introduce them PERIOD since we are their first retail location. 
The brand started in February and is cut and produced by longtime costume designer and wardrobe stylist, Krystian Lorenzana.
Each piece is hand-distressed by Krystian himself, with added red stitching to separate his shirt from the other distressed garments in the industry.
Krystian first made his distressed hoodie for his own personal wardrobe because he wanted something different. While wearing it to a Big Sean music video shoot he was helping style, Big Sean himself called Krystian over and said that he needed the same hoodie. Krystian then decided to make a few more pieces for Big Sean and other celebrities he had helped outfit in the past, and bam - Slow Build Heavy Grind was born. 
Take a look at the photos below and browse the collection on our website.

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