Machus and Daniel Patrick Bring You the Sandstorm

It's been a while since we've done a proper event in the store, about 6 months actually (but nobody's counting right?). Well get ready, because that break wasn't without reason. We are gearing up for the Summer of events at here at Machus, and no better way to kick it off than by bringing in the man himself; Daniel Patrick.

Daniel Patrick is the man behind the shroud that is Knomadik, a re-found staple in the store. We had a bit of a gap in stocking Knomadik, and to be honest we really couldn't tell you why. When we laid eyes on his color palate for Spring/Summer this year though, we knew it was time to bring Knomadik back to Portland. The earth tones introduced by Daniel have actually inspired the entire lineup of the store right now, it's the most color we've had in the showroom in recent days and we are unashamed. 

This is going to be a special event, it's the first time we are really transforming the studio into a whole different world. We are bringing the sandstorm to Portland, and you wont want to miss it. Mark your calendars for June 12th at 7PM and come join us.

There's going to be some exclusive colors of Knomadik gear launching also, did we mention that?

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