New Brand Alert: UPXUNDR

Pronounced "up and under", UPXUNDR really took us by surprise when we stumbled upon their look book on the web a few weeks back. I remember the thrill of sitting in our local coffee spot (we love them by the way, Cup & Bar is awesome) fumbling around on the world wide web, and arriving at UPXUNDR's website. Much to my delight, these guys have an amazing ascetic, and a real eye for fits.

Their new collection contains a stretch denim cargo pant (black and olive), a flannel, and a hoodie. Ever piece looks and fits amazingly. I pulled a pair of the olive cargo pants out of the box and put them directly on my body even - the fit is buttery smooth. 

We pulled a couple images from their look book so you could see why we fell in love with these guys, check it out bellow and shop the collection here.

Also read more about UPXUNDR on Hypebeast and Four Pins

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