The return of Premium Co.

The long dark winter that was the gap between manufacturing for Premium Co has come to an end. Fresh out of Fit and Supply in LA, we just received a brand new drop of Premium Co's best product yet. 

The scoop tee's come in 4 colors, and we ended up getting 3 different colorways in the full-zip hoodie. These hoodies are nothing like the previous run, in the best way possible. The inside lining is the same french terry coziness we've all grown to love from Premium, but the outside now has an almost neoprene-esk finish to it that gives it a very slight sheen. These things really are beautiful.

The revamped scoop tee's are nothing to laugh at either. The exaggerated length no the tee's is perfect, and layer exceptionally well with the hoodie. Check out a couple of the pieces bellow, and peep the whole collection here.

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