Nid De Awesome

We picked up Nid de Guêpes (pronounced KNEE-DUH-GAYPE) about 3 months ago after stumbling into their look book while browsing through the depth of the internet. This stuff is money, and we've had an overwhelmingly positive response from both in-store and online customers as a result of bringing these guys in. The fits are awesome, materials are lush, and the overall asthetic of the brand is absolutely dope. 

Everything from Nid de Guêpes (NID for short) is made in France by hand. By hand. Who does that kind of work anymore? These guys do. When we met up with the brand in Paris during Men's Market Week, we were schooled in our French learning that NID translates into english as "the wasp's nest." How'd we know? When we asked their owner how to pronounce the brand's name, he spoke so little english that he simple started buzzing like a bee. LMAO.

We love this dude, so much so that we have a super special super ultra secret collab in the works that's going to come to fruition in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for that, because quantities will be V limited. 


Overall, NID kicks major ass and we are moving forward with these guys in a big way. Check out the collection here

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