Surf Culture is Actually Cool

Remember Warriors of Radness? Back when they were crowned by GQ as one of the Designers of the Year the world was on board with the *radness* of surf culture in menswear. So were we. That's why it hurt like a kidney stone passing when American Apparel swallowed up WOR and disintegrated it into nothingness. A piece of my heart died when that happened. I long to feel as cool as I once did wearing beach ready "surfer bro" gear and looking dope while doing it. Well, once again I can satisfy my heart because Quality Peoples is here. 

Quality Peoples was started by Ed and John, two like minded individuals who found each other via the internet during transition periods in both of their lives. Ed had just moved to Mexico, and John to Hawaii to get a fresh start. Both "bros" bonded over their love of surf, their art, and a love for design. It's from these shared values that Quality Peoples was born. Their graphic prints are awesome, and the quality of their garments is no laughing matter either. Not too ironic and not too passive, they together have found the perfect niche of leisure wear. 

Lets take this Tourist/Local Tee for example. Depending on if I'm standing in front of you of if you're behind me, I could either live here or just be visiting. How dope is it that a single t-shirt could be so damn useful. Nobody wants to be "that tourist" with the selfie stick, so throw this tee on and you get instant street cred. I honestly could just pack up 4 of these on a 2 month Hawaii adventure and wear nothing else. 

The place in my hear that longed to feel like I was made to be a beach bum is satisfied once again with Quality Peoples. Check out our collection from them here

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