The Return of Knomadik

Knomadik by Daniel Patrick has had a bit of an absence from the store these past few months, and it was intentional. We know it's a bit odd to say that a brand we like and support was absent from our brand list for months on end, but hear us out. 

Portland (see: our customer base) was becoming a bit over-saturated with Knomadik. Seemingly everyone who wanted a piece of Daniel Patrick's desert-warrior-esk urban ready diffusion line had the piece(s) they wanted. Every time we restocked an item, it sold out. Every piece we brought into the store had overwhelmingly good feedback from customers and critics alike. We were noticing on the last little run we did though, that pieces were sitting. Took a little while for us to figure out that we had brought so much of it in so many times, that the items people wanted and raved about were already flooded throughout the city.

This time we took a distinct focus: bring in some color and some wow, in only a way Knomadik could deliver. We were wondering how to bring in some earth tones and keep it in line with the ascetic we fight hard to maintain, and Knomadik was the perfect balance. His dyed pieces - in burgundy and olive/army to be specific - wowed us with their vibrancy. And Daniel's head-to-toe dying method maintains consistency in color in the different garments (shorts, shirts, sweaters, etc.) so much so that you could wear head to toe Knomadik army and have a perfect matching outfit.

All that said, we are excited to have Knomadik back in Machus. Check out the collection here.

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