Laer - They Don't Just "Do" Leather

A brand that has been flying deep deep under the radar recently, Laer is as deep in the ride of men's fashion as it gets. Probably most well-known for his leather goods, most people don't seem to know that the man works hand in hand with Kanye West on Good Music and other apparel projects - including helping to shape the Yeezy x Adidas project into what it is now. There's pictures of Kanye west and Jerod (who runs Laer) on the internet and nobody notices. Well, we did. 

Out relationship has been extended with the team down at Laer, and now we are bringing them full force into  Machus. The minimal silhouettes and beautiful construction are just two of the many reason we love what's being done by Laer down in LA. 

Even just looking at pictures of the pieces from his collection, you can see the care and attention to detail that goes into ever piece of clothing that leave their factory. That's right, factory. Laer isn't just a design house with an outside manufacturer - they do everything. Source, design, pattern, build, inspect, shoot, ship. All from their location in Downtown LA. 

Shop Laer at Machus here.

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