The City is on Fire

A City on Fire, our exclusive fragrance with Portland-native Imaginary Authors, has received a very warm welcome from the community of perfume specialists and collectors alike. We stumbled across this wonderful review that is a must-read when you're purchasing this brand new perfume. It beautifully illustrates the mental image our team had during the process of creating this scent with Imaginary Authors. Below is a small, wonderfully written, excerpt from the article via Ca Fleure Bon:

"Over the day I wore it, the dark, slutty weather outside tore at the city’s skies and buildings. Waves of darkness rolled over the city, with screeching squalls of hail and spinning sleet.  Winter had arrived and never was the weather better suited to such a fierce and enveloping scent as A City on Fire."


Also, but thanks to the rad imagery from The Silver Fox, found in the article done by Ca Fleure Bon

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