Schott Leathers at Machus

The same jacket worn by James Dean is now available to Machus (The Perfecto, pictured above). For the first time ever, Machus is carrying leathers from Schott, a company dedicated to providing union made leathers to the world via New York City. The first company ever to put a zipper on a jacket, Schott has been making beautiful leather products since 1913. 


This is an exert taken directly from the Schott website, it was too good not to share word for word:

"With WWII over, this country was witnessing the rise of a new rebellion one that would be fought with fast cars and Rock and Roll. In 1954, the now cult classic "The Wild Ones" featured the hot young actor, Marlon Brando, perched on his motorcycle wearing his Schott Perfecto®. The subsequent spike in popularity of the Perfecto® surprisingly resulted in decreased sales. The jackets were banned by school systems around the country because they symbolized a burgeoning teen demographic, the hoodlum. Just one year later, the Perfecto® was catapulted to the height of its popularity when a love for speed ended the life of the quintessential hoodlum."


Check out both Schott jackets available at Machus HERE

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