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Chapters autumn winter 14 collection juxtaposes punk aesthetic with long minimal silhouettes. With select geometric stitching on every piece, not one falls short of the concept. Surprisingly for only being established in 2012, Chapters a/w 14 collection dubbed ' Moral Form is seamlessly cohesive; with clearly defined influences ranging all the way to 1950's brutalist architecture.  We talked to the creative director at Chapter, Devin Carlson, to discuss his personal influences and what inspired him to achieve this collection. 


-Most pieces in this collection are elongated, yet still offer a simple and defined silhouette, why did you choose this direction?

Devin: This really started with the idea behind our jersey silhouette.  We were fond of the drape that you get out of a elongated body and the way that it improved with time.  



-With fashion becoming progressively more androgynous, and Chapter being infinitively masculine,  where do you find that Chapter fits between the two ?

Devin: The inspiration behind the collection comes from ideas that inspire us at the time of conception.  These ideas tend to come from outside forms of art whether they are from lines found in Architecture, shapes from an installation, social climates, etc.  As it is hard to put a label on these forms of inspiration, our ideas tend to manifest into an aesthetic that can be interpreted by either sex but is inherently masculine.   


-Who do you feel are your contemporaries?

Devin: Henrik Vibskov, Craig Green, Acne, Alexander Wang, Silent, John Elliott, The End, Public School


- I read this collection was inspired by brutalist architecture, what have you pulled from architecture that translates to your designs? 

Devin: Honesty in design.  This translates into the details and the functional elements that you will see throughout the collection such as exposed zippers, straps, rope suspenders and adjustable inseams.  



-Chapter just released there collaboration with Stephen Kenn, a furniture and bag designer based in Los Angeles, was it challenging to focus on something other than fashion? 

Devin: It was very refreshing.  We took inspiration from the collection and we were able to apply it into a medium that shares textures with clothing but also has elements of extremely ridged elements.  


-Can we expect to see Chapter collaborating more in the future? 

Devin: Absolutely.



Written by Drew Ross 

Photos provided and copyrighted by Chapter Clothing


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