New York Market Week /// Spring/Summer 2015


We headed to NYC last week for the SS15 meetings with our beloved showrooms and to walk the plethora or tradeshows. 

First off, the tradeshow scene hasn't been our jam for a couple seasons because of the overall trends. Lots of quirky prints, J.Crew styled surfwear and clean heritage. 

That said, there are always gems in there for us... Brands like Tourne De Transmission from the UK and General Idea from Korea are amazing, forward thinking labels that are clean, yet sophisticated with their concepts and application of materials. 

The rising trend is the sports-lux market and THAT my friends, we can get behind!

Brands like Y-3 have been far ahead of the curve and are just now really starting to be noticed. ADYN doesnt show at the tradeshows or even in NYC, but that brand is really setting a huge tone for the industry in my opinion. We are seeing the sport trend showing up huge in couture brands lately too. Just look at any Givenchy, Dior, Rick Owens, Raf Simmons, Junn J or others. 

While the northwest is known for its flannels, beards and axes, Portland is home to Nike and Adidas North America. The active lifestyle is a huge draw and clothing doesnt have to be The North Face or Patagonia anymore to fit the bill. 

Mixing the sport with fashion and taking those materials and putting them with a darker pallette is what my store is all about.

We couldn't be more excited. 




Saturdays NYC




John Elliott and Justin Machus




Siki Im, the Den Im Collection

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