New Machus Private Label Additions



We are proud to announce three new styles to the mix of our evolving home brand. These styles continue to play with the hemlines of mens shirting and are all still completely made in Downtown Los Angeles. 


1. The Angled Scuba

This a very fabric specific style as the neoprene is needed to hold the hard edges of the bottom hem. 



2. The Mesh T

Silky smooth mesh with small holes small enough that a layer underneath isn't necessary. This fit is based on our current favorite Long Split T. 


3. The All-New Notch T

We wanted an everyday t to wear easily with skinny denim. Something not as dramatic as the longer fits, this "basic" t still continues our hemline story with a side insert and 1" notch cut out of the sides. 

Available in black and white supima cotton. 





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