Vegas FW '14



This is the last show of the season for me and it's wrapping up strong. 

I met up yesterday with the guys from the amazing LA store 424 on Fairfax and we are now going to be carrying their new private label collection at Machus. I really respect these guys and their approach to the industry. Their new provate label is beutifully simple with great basics with a simple and subtle print. All made in LA and the owner, is the designer. I love that kind of backstory... Stay tuned for a party at Machus for the launch this April. They are all really stoked to come to Portland and we couldnt be happier to support them. 

Check out their site here...

here is a quick shot of me and the crew...


In other trade show news, I was able to catch up and bullshit with our good friends and owners of Naked and Famous. They have some great things in the works and some things that will continue to be Machus Exclusives! (Black Waxed Denim!)


Finally, the guys at Skingraft are really pulling through with another amazing collection. Our first shipment arrives in about a month, but I am so behind the label that I just know it's going to do spectacular and be a natural fit for Machus. 

Check out this sweatshirt for example.... 


Machus staples like Daniel Patrick and Chapter are still doing amazing things for fall and both spring 14 collections are arriving soon with much anticipation. 

Also found a great brand called The End that I think will really fit a gap between the Band of Outsiders look and our more avant garde styles. All made in NYC with classics in mind, but with a more modern approach. The first shipment of The End will be August. 


Stay tuned for more updates. 

-Justin Machus





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