Olympic Influence


I come from a long history of sports and I love innovation. I was a aspiring pro skier back in 2002 and the influence of technical wear has been something I've been drawn to since opening my first store, Local35. The invention of new fabrics, new zipper, new seams and new ways of attaching it all together is something that is really fascinating. Nike, Adidas, Arc'Teryk, Under Amour and others have been pushing the envelope for a long time, but the connection to high fashion is something lacking until a few years ago. Brands like ISAORA, NSW, Veilance, White Mountaineering have been integrating hi-tech innovation into modern fashion. 

For me, the olympics are a 4 year reminder that this connection is made and could be explored so much more.

We are seeing many trends are going away from the heritage look of classic cotton and wool for this next season. More and more brands are leaning towards a more technical and sport driven approach. Brands like P.A.M., Opening Ceremony, ADYN, Veilance and are really pushing the boundary of what can be done or what is expected with fashion. 

Here is an example of the new "Skin Suit" being worn by The USA Olympic Team. Designed by Under Armour in conjunction with Lockheed Martin. 

I could do without the tribal flair, but the rest of the design has some interesting design. If you look hard, you will see design notes from even this into modern streetwear or high fashion.





-Justin Machus

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