New Côte&Ciel Bags in stock at Machus



The Nile Rucksack from Côte&Ciel is an instant classic. Innovated form the Iconic Isar Rucksack this bag is where functionality and design reach its peak.

We carry two colors at Machus, the Obsidian and the Basalt. Each is unique in its own way. Complete with many internal pockets and a dedicated laptop sleeve for a 15" computer. The Obsidian which is inspired from the obsidian - a naturally occurring volcanic glass known for its strength and durability which lines the shores of the Nile river. Features of the bag are water resistant polyester and a modern hood made from military grade rip-stop, along with calf leather buckles, in all this bag is a artistic and functional. The Nile Basalt has been inspired by the basalt rock outcrops along the shores of the Nile river. Similar to the rocky texture the bag is inspired by this bag features a eco yarn fabric that is woven and water repellent. Côte&Ciel did not disappoint with the attention to detail and materials used to create these bags. They are available now at Machus and here




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