Introducing Slow Build Heavy Grind to the PNW

October 08 2015, 0 Comments

If you come to Machus, you know we love designers who put their full effort into their clothes. Passion goes a long way in this industry. Customers can identify a designer who truly stands behind his/her product.
Slow Build Heavy Grind is no exception. 
We are super happy to introduce this brand to the Pacific Northwest. Hell, we're just happy to introduce them PERIOD since we are their first retail location. 
The brand started in February and is cut and produced by longtime costume designer and wardrobe stylist, Krystian Lorenzana.
Each piece is hand-distressed by Krystian himself, with added red stitching to separate his shirt from the other distressed garments in the industry.
Krystian first made his distressed hoodie for his own personal wardrobe because he wanted something different. While wearing it to a Big Sean music video shoot he was helping style, Big Sean himself called Krystian over and said that he needed the same hoodie. Krystian then decided to make a few more pieces for Big Sean and other celebrities he had helped outfit in the past, and bam - Slow Build Heavy Grind was born. 
Take a look at the photos below and browse the collection on our website.
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Keeping You Updated - October 2015

September 23 2015, 0 Comments

We like to keep you guys informed so you know what's going on in the Machus world. We feel that the more you know about our store and the cool shit we have planned, the more you'll like us. Hopefully.

So let us break down some of the things you can expect in the next couple of months. Here's to keeping our customers informed:

Private Label T-Shirt Restock

Our increasingly popular Machus shirts will be restocked in October! With some changes.

We will be restocking the white, black, and drab in all of your favorite fits. Plum is the newest addition to our color obsession and will be an October exclusive.
The Alexander and The Corson will be making a return, which are both store favorites. The Keller will return as well, but will feature a few changes in the measurements. We took the length 2" shorter, shortened the sleeves by 1", and made the neck opening more fitted. We love having Jacob help in the design process of The Keller and are going to make it our experimental tee in the coming drops. We will have our basic, normal fits as always, but we want The Keller to be the tee for the guy who is willing to take a bit more of a risk in his wardrobe.
The Corson Longsleeve is the newest member to be added to the Machus family, and will feature our beloved side slits, but with tapered full length sleeves.
Unfortunately, The Tanura will not be making a return, as we are keeping it to four styles this month.
Introducing Berlin tech-wear brand, ACRONYM

We couldn't be more excited to welcome ACRONYM to Machus in October.
Acronym is an apparel company founded by Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher currently based in Berlin. Impelled by a visceral dedication to practical application and the many forms that encompass it, Acronym exists on a uniquely active frontier apposite to the current condition.
This brand will be our go-to outerwear recommendation for this Fall and Winter!

Kanye x Adidas Yeezy SZN 1

We will be receiving our select picks from the Yeezy SZN 1 clothing, as well as a new colorway of the Boost 350 and the all-black Yeezy 950 Duck Boot.
We will be doing a special, invite-only showcase of YZY SZN 1 in our Machus studio the night before the global release. All items will go online and in-store the next day and will be available to the public to purchase. #2020

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram as we are constantly keeping you guys in the loop about future brands, projects, and drops.


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FW 2015 VOL. 3

September 14 2015, 0 Comments

styled by Jacob J Keller & Juline Machus
photographed by Justin Machus

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Our "Of" Machus Editorial for Chapter is Lit....Literally

September 10 2015, 0 Comments

Chapter is one of those brands where all you can do is say "yes."
Yes to their clothes, yes to their aesthetic, and yes to their offer for Machus to be the next featured retailer in their ongoing "Of" series. 
Here is some text straight from Chapter to give you a little insight into their "Of" series:
" At Chapter we are constantly inspired by our friends and their progression in aesthetic, personality and voice. In continuance with the series, Of, we invited our retail partners to select individuals that bring a sophisticated point of view to fashion.  We asked them to share their innate style and perspective of the Autumn / Winter 2015 UNKNOWN collection through their own personal interpretation. In this latest editorial, we feature Portland’s Machus."
We were super excited to come up with a photo style and studio set that fit into the mindset of both Machus and Chapter.
Check out what we came up with below:











All Chapter products featured in this editorial can be found on our online store (chair, lights, and handsome men not included).
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PROJECT A by ZANEROBE Event - August 21st & 22nd

August 19 2015, 0 Comments

The ZANEROBE crew is like that one goat on the internet that runs around and jumps off all his other goat friends.

These guys are just some fun-loving, high-energy dudes. And we can't wait for you to meet them.

On August 21st and 22nd, the ZANEROBE crew will be hanging out in store to launch their new high-end brand, Project A. The guys wanted a way to create higher quality clothes and develop a more fashion forward aesthetic, but do it in a brand separate from ZANEROBE.

Enter Project A. 

Elongated, tapered and clean lined garments have been meticulously crafted from the finest bespoke Italian and Japanese fabrics. Forging a distinct, directional approach to luxury streetwear, Project a. serves to indulge refined taste with forward thinking apparel.

Sounds like a brand that Machus should carry, right? Right.

Join us on Friday, August 21st from 6-9 pm to welcome Project A to Machus and Portland. The ZANEROBE guys will be in full attendance, aka slamming drinks, laughing out loud, and meeting all of you.

In honor of the event, we will also be releasing Project A's exclusive collaboration with popular sneaker brand, Filling Pieces. Limited to 300 pairs worldwide, Machus will be selling the sneakers, along with the Project A apparel, during the event.

The Australian brand renders the low-top silhouette in its signature minimalist aesthetic, utilizing a primarily white base for the premium leather upper with grey overlays at the back. Embossed branding at the tongue and heel provides a nice subtle touch, and fits perfectly into the Machus mindset.


If you are unable to make our Friday night event, we will be holding the ZANEROBE crew hostage all day Saturday too, forcing them to set up a pop up shop in our Machus studio two doors down.

The boys will be down at the studio from 11 am to 7 pm on August 22nd, so if you missed out on Friday or just want to hear their accents one more time, come through Saturday.

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Keeping You Updated - August 2015

August 18 2015, 0 Comments

We have quite a month planned. August is a month for sneaker releases, in-store events, and pop up shops.
We love doing things. We love being busy. It can get confusing. Let us break it down for you.

August 20th - adidas Y-3 Qasa Triple Black release.

We will release the Triple Black Qasa online and in-store the morning of August 20th. Be swift. These will go quick.


August 21st - Afternoon - A restock of all Machus Private Label shirts, including three new colors and one new style.

We are super happy to be restocking our sought-after Machus Private Label Tees. By popular demand, we are bringing back the olive, black, and white color ways. While the gray and sand won't be returning, we will be introducing three new colors: military green, midnight navy, and rose. A new fit named The Keller will be added, and The Alexander, The Tanura, and The Corson will return.

August 21st - Evening - An in-store event to launch Zanerobe's new brand, PROJECT A.

The Zanerobe crew have started a higher end brand, PROJECT A, to give their customers a classier and more forward alternative to their flagship brand. The clothes fit perfectly with our modern menswear vibe so we are pumped to launch PROJECT A at Machus from 6-9 pm on August 21st. We will also be releasing PROJECT A's collaboration shoe with popular sneaker brand, Filling Pieces. Come through, have a drink, listen to some music, and meet the faces behind Zanerobe. 

August 22nd - All Day - A PROJECT A pop up shop in the Machus studio.

The Zanerobe crew will be setting up a PROJECT A and Filling Pieces pop up shop in our studio all day Saturday, August 22nd from 11 am - 7 pm. If you weren't able to talk to the guys during our Friday party, Saturday will be the perfect time for you to come in, relax, crack some jokes, and browse the PROJECT A gear on your own time. We'll see you there.

August 22nd - Random Time - The Yeezy Boost 350 "Pirate Black" releases online.
To get a full, detailed description about how the Yeezy Boost 350 will launch on Saturday, check out our blog post here. Best of luck! 


List of brands coming to Machus in August
Boris Bidjan Saberi F/W 15
By H New York F/W 15
Enfin Leve F/W 15
Chapter F/W 15
Stampd F/W 15
Daniel Patrick - restock

Looking forward to the coming months
Chapter "Of" Series w/ Machus - September
RHUDE x Machus Four Year Anniversary Event - November
John Elliott + Co Event - November/December
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Editorial: FW Vol. 2

August 17 2015, 0 Comments

A complete editorial experience featuring our favorite styles, brands, and outfits. The looks are photographed and presented in one cohesive collective, which is designed to offer quick glimpses into Machus’ modern mindset.
Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with all things Machus.

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Editorial: FW Vol. 1

August 08 2015, 0 Comments

Introducing the new ongoing Machus quick-strike editorial series. 

A complete editorial experience featuring our favorite styles, brands, and outfits. The looks are photographed and presented in one cohesive collective, which is designed to offer quick glimpses into Machus’ modern mindset.


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See You There - Tabor Made x Machus Pop-Up Event

August 05 2015, 0 Comments

At Machus, we put on for our city. Just ask, and we will recommend our favorite coffee shops, restaurants, activities, and clothing brands. 

So when we have the opportunity to carry a local brand focusing on fit and form (the theme of our store), we're all for it. 

Enter Tabor Made.

Ira LaFontaine, creator/owner/designer and just-about-every-title-you-can-think-of for Tabor Made, promises to deliver upgraded construction, fit, and material for the new pre-fall 2015 collection.
Hearing his passion for his latest designs, we decided it was only right to host a Tabor Made x Machus event to launch the new and improved line. The event will be this Friday, August 7th from 7-10 pm. Peep the full details in the flyer below. 
We have an exclusive interview with Ira to give our customers an insight into the inspiration behind the brand and his thoughts on the Portland fashion market. Read below. We'll see you Friday.

Machus: We know you used to be the buyer for Compound Gallery for a while. Was the transition to start your own brand always in the works? Or something that just happened?

Ira: I’d always had had my eye on creating a brand. Buying for Compound, and being the guy who chooses what products a store carries, is a really big responsibility to have. It’s, kind of, this awesome blend between something that’s really creative and definitely a bit business., but after buying for awhile I’d just end up seeing all of the little things that I didn’t like in products. Sometimes it would just be aesthetic things that I thought could be pulled off better, but a lot of times it would be easy changes that would make the garment vastly better for the guy wearing it and they weren’t happening — it drove me crazy! I was the guy wearing the stuff, so I knew it could be better -- but a lot of brands weren’t picking up on the issues I had with things. After heading Compound’s private label line and collaborations for awhile and seeing how people were responding to them, I really felt like I could bring something more to the table. That’s when I started getting serious about what I wanted to make. 

Machus: Where did the name come from?

Ira: I really wanted a name the would be very specific to Portlanders, and also to me, but would be a blank slate for everyone else. That’s when I had came up with Tabor Made. I grew up playing on Mt. Tabor as a kid and running there when I got older, so it’s a pretty special place for me that fit in perfectly.

Machus: We understand you are on the quest to give consumers the perfect staples with a focus on fit and fabric. What is the inspiration behind the brand?

Ira: Throughout my life I end up wearing a few things the vast majority of the time, and I think that’s how most people are, too. We’re constantly pulling the same things out of the closet, and they’re usually basics. You’ll throw some other things on with them, but essentials are the backbone of the wardrobe -- so that’s where I wanted to start. I wanted to concentrate on making just flat out high quality takes on basics. Quality has been one of the biggest issues for me, so I wanted to hone in on a few key items that I wanted to see, get the fits right, put them in high quality materials and take things from there. We’ll have other styles coming in the future, but right now it’s just about taking on a few styles and doing them well.

Machus: Tell us about having a brand founded and based in Portland, OR. Is it a hard market? Do you see a lot of orders online from out-of-state customers?

Ira: I love having the brand based in Portland. I’m a native Oregonian and this is exactly where I wanted to start it. I wouldn’t consider it harder than another similar size market, but online does great, too. We had a few early blog posts from Hypebeast and Four Pins, and I think that really helped to get the brand on the map, as far as out of state goes. 

Machus: Do you see Tabor Made becoming a brand with huge accounts and stockists? Or do you wish to keep it pretty exclusive and only have product in a few select stores?

Ira: I’m looking to bringing on a few new out of states store in the future, but I really want to focus on shops that fall in line with what Tabor Made is about, so I want keep things in the boutique world and tell the story that way.

Machus: Tell the people where they can keep updated on all things Ira and Tabor Made.

Ira: If you want to stay up on Tabor Made the best way to do it is Instagram and Twitter, and if you’re looking for me (aka pics of shoes and food), well, that’s also Instagram and Twitter.

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OFF-WHITE F/W 15 Will Take Your Money

July 24 2015, 0 Comments

Portland is great. It has a thriving food culture, a variety of entertaining attractions, and a rapidly growing fashion scene.

And now it has OFF-WHITE.

The product of humble visionary Virgil Abloh, OFF-WHITE has quickly cemented itself as a staple brand among fashion-heads. Known for its thought provoking graphics, the exclusive brand has finally made it's way into Machus.

Seen on the likes of Kanye West, Big Sean, Travis Scott, and G-Eazy, we couldn't be happier to get a global brand into our Portland store. 

Pull out your credit card and shop the F/W 15 collection here.

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Chapter S/S 2016 Is Your Older Cousin's Hot Girlfriend

July 14 2015, 0 Comments

At Machus, we're constantly surrounded by a wide range of collections from both established and emerging designers. Seeing clothes all day can become repetitive.

So there's not too many times we are blown away by a collection. 

Enter Chapter S/S 2016.

Are you kidding me? Chapter is like your older cousin that you see once a year at family reunions and each year he brings a more attractive girl to meet the fam. The brand that we thought couldn't get any more impressive just showed up to the reunion with freaking Beyoncé. 

Chapter's head designer, Devin Carlson, engaged in a game of symmetry and mirroring for S/S 2016. A rock-punk element is infused into the sportswear inspired collection, which features a color palette of black, white, grey, khaki, and dyed blue.

We just want to use this blog post to show love to one of our favorite brands in the store.
There's not a better team in the industry than the Chapter guys. Seriously. Meet them. You won't be disappointed.

Enjoy some of our favorite looks from Chapter's S/S 2016 presentation at New York Fashion Week. 

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Favorite Items From Your Favorite Store

July 11 2015, 0 Comments

If you've never been into the shop, allow me to introduce you to the four faces that help Machus operate at such a high level. Each staff member has his/her own personality, style, and look that contribute to the in-store vibes of Machus. Despite our love of different brands and execution of different fashion choices, we all have one thing in common:
We f***ing love clothes.
So let each staff member tell you which one item in the store is their favorite. 
And let this be an insight into the four minds behind your favorite store. 

Justin Machus, Owner

Justin's signature catch phrase "buy nice things and wear the f*** out of them" is becoming increasingly popular in the Twitter and IG community. So it's no surprise his favorite item in the store is the adidas Y-3 Qasa High "Royal," a shoe he can beat to s***.

"A bold take on a shoe that's been around for a minute. Aggressive and athletic, yet super simple and wearable. It was my favorite shoe from the fall Y-3 collection."

Juline Machus, Owner

The beauty and brains that keeps the shop buzzing behind the scenes. Juline tends to mix mens and women's pieces in her outfits, so the Mr. Completely Moto Sleeve Jean Jacket fits perfectly into her androgynous style.

"It's summer night sexy."

Alex Corson, Staff

You know this familiar face if you've been in the store. Usually decked out in his black OFF-WHITE tee and Yeezy Boosts, Alex says the Indigo Heritage Denim from Mr. Completely is his first choice.

"This isn't your every day pair of stonewash denim. You see so many variations of this wash, and I feel like Mr. Completely doesn't just nail this wash, but the fit and details on this pair of denim is absolutely flawless."

Jacob Keller, Staff

It's hard to miss Jacob when he's working in the store. When he's there, you know. Fitted in Chapter trousers and an oversized tee, Jacob will be the first to tell you he's the biggest fan of the Ivory Slub Crew from The Squad.
"All I ask is that you try it on. You will be sold. Instantly. It's THAT good. I don't know what sorcery or magic they used, but The Squad has somehow PERFECTED the fit of a basic white tee."
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